Example Responses From DPC to County

Example responses from the Divide Planning Committee (DPC). There are three. They are provided as historical examples of what the DPC did and how the process works. In all three of these examples the recommendations of the DPC were not agreed to by the County Planning Department.  But the process did work. The DPC and neighbors met with the applicants to understand the application, discuss the Pros and Cons, suggest alternatives and the DPC submitted a written response to the County.

Woods Drilling

File: CUP-00555(08) DPC Response is the written response to an application for a Conditional Use Permit (CUP) to construct a business building west of Divide (near the entrance to Sherwood Forest subdivision). This is the Woods Drilling Co. site. The DPC recommended denial; the County approved the request.

Woodland Park Saddle Club

The second example is for the Saddle Club application.

The County Planning Department  requested the DPC review the application submitted by the Woodland Park Saddle Club (WPSC) to locate a new Multiple Use Event Center in Divide.  The attached document is the Teller County Planning Department Staff Report which includes the DPC written response. 

The application required the expansion of the Town Center growth node boundary to accommodate the desired size of the event center.  The DPC did not support the application (recommended denial) due to setting a bad precedent of expanding the growth node to benefit only the applicant.  The County Planning Staff disagreed with the DPC and recommended approval of the application.  The Teller County Planning Commission (TCPC) recommended approval of the application.  The application was then submitted to the Teller County Board of County Commissioners (BoCC) which also approved the application, thus expanding the size of the Divide Town Center.

Plummer Land

Ms. Plummer owns a parcel at the north border of the Meadow Park subdivision outside the Town Center boundary.  She requested her parcel be added to the Town Center for the intent to add that parcel to the Meadow Park subdivision for vehicle access, central water, central sewer and utilities service. The DPC met with the applicant and Meadow Park multiple times resulting in the DPC recommending approval of the application.  The County Planning Staff recommended denial of the request and eventually the BoCC approved the request.

The third file, below, is the Planning Department Staff Report for the Plummer application which includes a statement that the DPC recommended approval.

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