TCSO Expansion Plan August 2019

We have a quick review time for the Teller County Sheriff Office (TCSO) improvements.  There are ten documents in the package and some are attached here.  Problems uploading some files.  Maps provided were split into two files and passed to members as E-Mail.  The deadline is to return our letter by August 30, 2019.

Meeting to have members sign the Recommendation letter was scheduled for Monday, 26 August at PPCC beginning at 7 PM.  A draft letter was forwarded to Members as a heads up.  Member contact was that everyone is in agreement with this Application. The Response letter was signed by most members and was delivered to County Planning on Thursday Aug 29, 2019. The signed letter is in the attachments. 

The Teller County Planning Commission (TCPC) meeting was announced in the Courier Newspaper on Aug 28, 2019.  That TCPC meeting will be a 7 PM on Sept 10, 2019 at the Woodland Park City Council Chambers.


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Download this file (DPC TCSO  Expansion Land Application 2019 Response.pdf)DPC TCSO Expansion Land Application 2019 Response.pdf 832 kB2019-08-30 07:42
Download this file (TCSO Rendering.jpg)TCSO Rendering.jpg 7755 kB2019-08-19 15:58
Download this file (JPS-Drainage-Report-TC-Sheriff-0819.pdf)JPS-Drainage-Report-TC-Sheriff-0819.pdf 8184 kB2019-08-19 15:38
Download this file (CDOT Permit.pdf)CDOT Permit.pdf 1086 kB2019-08-19 15:35
Download this file (Authorization for Sheriff's Bldg Expansion Project..pdf)Authorization for Sheriff's Bldg Expansion Project..pdf 43 kB2019-08-19 15:34
Download this file (APO Harris Building.pdf)APO Harris Building.pdf 32 kB2019-08-19 15:34