Activities Log

Activities Log

Activities Log

This log contains posts for activities of the Divide Planning Committee.  It contains a journal of activities such as meetings.

Growth Management Plan Updates

The Teller County Planning Department (PD) has begun the Updating process for the 1990 (30 year old) Growth Management Plan (GMP) document.  To our understanding all Regional plan areas have inspected the DRAFT Revised Plan and found no major conflict, so it can enter the review process. At least the Divide Planning Committee (DPC) has agreed it can enter the review process.  This review process includes Public Work Sessions, then Public Hearings.  The GMP is an Advisory document telling the Commissioners what the residents of Teller County desire.

At a Work Session the public can attend, but not speak or contribute, only witness the session. The public can submit comments & questions to the Planning Department after the session; see the 20Nov2019 attached notice.

The initial DRAFT version of the GMP is attached to this article, as well as the Response letter from the DPC to the Teller County Planning Department.

Gatherings pertaining to the GMP Update are expected to be numerous:

  • The first Work Session between the Teller County Planning Department and the Teller Planning Commission is scheduled for November 20, 2019 at the Woodland Park City Council Chambers, 220 W. South Avenue and starts at 7PM.  You are welcome to attend, but can not speak at this Session.
  • First Work Session held and on the next day (Nov 21) the first DRAFT GMP document was released to open the Public Comment process - see Teller County Planning Department web page.  Please let fellow neighbors know this Public Comment is active, and if people want to get involved, do so - this is your future.  Added an informational description of Land-Use Planning to the Attachments to assist those who don't know.
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Annual DPC Community Meeting for 2017

The annual community meeting of the Divide Planning Committee (DPC) was held on September 13, 2017 at the Pikes Peak Community Club in Divide starting about 7:00 PM.

This meeting was rather short due to there being no annual activity to discuss and review. Ten of the eleven elected members were present plus ten other interested residents. There were three members whose terms expired. Two members retained their membership while one new member was elected to take the place of an existing member. All members are elected to a three year term.

The meeting lasted about an hour and was concluded with a separate meeting retaining the services of Jim Irving and Thomas Worley as prime and alternate contacts for the DPC.

Current members of this Committee are provided in the Current Members article. (the article linked from the membership article).

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Annual DPC Community Meeting for 2016

The annual community meeting of the Divide Planning Committee (DPC) was held on September 7, 2016 at the Little Chapel of the Hills in Divide starting at 7:05 PM.

DPC members adopted a resolution pertaining to the intent of the Divide Regional Plan document stating where the Divide Plan uses the term "Conditional Use" it means both Conditional Use and Special Use. This resolution is available to review attached to the DRP Modifications-2016 article

The activity of this Committee over the past twelve months were reviewed for the benefit of the community.

This meeting included elections for members with expiring terms. Current members of this Committee are provided in the Current Members article.

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DPC Meeting - Continue DRP Update Discussion

DPC meeting held on Wednesday, August 10, 2016 to continue the discussion on the topic of should we update the the Divide Regional Plan.  Meeting held at the PPCC starting at 7 PM.

Representatives of the DPC have met with County Planning Staff and will report their recommendations.

If we agree to update the Divide Plan, the proposed application package is available for review in the article at this link.

There was no quorum of DPC members so no decisions were possible, but we did discuss the topic.

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DRP Updates Meeting

The Divide Planning Committee (DPC) met July 27, 2016 to discuss updating the Divide Regional Plan (DRP).  Most of the members agreed we should go forward, but there were valid concerns raised which need to be discussed with the County Planning Dept.

Subsequent meetings will be necessary to continue this topic.

Additional information including the actual proposed changes to the Divide Plan are in the article DRP Modifications - 2016 on this website.

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