Activities Log

Activities Log

Activities Log

This log contains posts for activities of the Divide Planning Committee.  It contains a journal of activities such as meetings.

LUR Text Changes From Sanborn Western Camps

Public DPC meeting called for 21 June 2016 to discuss a Land Use Regulations (LUR) text change.  Applicant is Sanborn Western Camps who is not in the Divide Region, but any change to the LUR can affect any resident of Teller County.

The meeting was scheduled to be held at the Teller County Public Works facility, but that facility was locked and we could not access it, so we convened at PKE offices in Divide.

The article LUR Text Changes - Sanborn Western Camps contains full accounting of the topic of this meeting including the Response from the DPC to the County.  The minutes for this meeting are attached, below.

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DPC Meeting 02 Mar 2016 - Golden Bell

The DPC and residents of Divide meet with representatives of Golden Bell Camp to discuss the Camp's plans for a Special Use Permit (SUP).  Meeting with the applicant prior to submitting the application to the county helps the residents to know what to expect and helps the applicant who might modify their plans to accommodate concerns of the residents.

The meeting was held at the Golden Bell Lodge, 380 CR 512, starting at 7 PM and lasted to about 9:15 PM.

The meeting was well attended by residents of Highland Lakes, Golden Bell and Broken Wheel who all had time to pose questions and express concerns.

Golden Bell hopes to have the application submitted by summer 2016.  Once the county deems the application complete the DPC will get a copy to start the Agency Review process. At that time there will be a DPC public meeting. Meeting minutes are in the Attachments, below.

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Misc. Topics Meeting

Public meeting of the DPC held 27 Oct 2015 at the Teller County Public Works lunch room in Divide.

This meeting was called to address topics related to the DPC, not any specific application for change to the Divide Region. Meeting minutes are provided in the attachment below.


The topics discussed and results were:

  • Should the By-Laws be changed to relax voting for member expired terms from a Super Majority to a Simple Majority. Results were that the By-Laws are adequate and should not be changed.  Annual voting for membership remains at the Super Majority (8 votes for a member).
  • The current (2006) Divide Regional Plan refers only to Conditional Use Permits, excludes Special Use Permits.  This is due to the County Land Use Regulations adding Special Use Permits after the Divide Plan was last changed, thus our plan is out of sync with County documents.  Our Divide Plan needs to be updated.  To alleviate the long change process the DPC will approach County Planning to request minor word changes accomplished as administrative changes to the Divide Planning document.  But not until after current pending applications have been resolved so as to not give the impression the Divide Plan is changing due to any pending application.
  • Rainbow Valley Subdivision residents have expressed interest in being included in the Divide Planning Region.  It was agreed that this Committee will not initiate expanding the Divide Planning Region.  We will support such an effort, but expanding the Planning Region and changing the Map must be initiated by the subdivision.  Residents of Rainbow Valley need to agree and then approach the County.
  • Should the DPC be pro-active on subjects of permitted Land Use by current residents.  It was agreed that this Committee will not be pro-active.  We react only to applications provided to us by County Planning Dept.


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2015 DPC Annual Community Meeting

The annual Community meeting of the Divide Planning Committee (DPC) was held on 16 Sept 2015 at the Little Chapel of the Hills in Divide.  Ten Committee members plus fifteen citizens were present.

The Committee members signed the agency review letter for the Lodge at Elk Valley SUP application.

After a short description of what the DPC is all about a review of the five actions performed by the Committee during the past twelve months was presented. Then after open questions from the floor elections for expiring terms were held. Election results are summarized here. Welcome Tom Worley and Lise Lee.  The current Committee members are provided in this article.

The Community meeting was terminated and a special meeting of the Committee was convened to elect officers. Jim Irving remains as the Chair and Tom Worley is the new vice Chair.

DPC Meetings 03 & 08 Sept 2015

Two meetings to discuss the Special Use Permit application for the Lodge at Elk Valley.

The first meeting held 03 Sept 2015 at the Teller County Public Works facility break room had the objective to discuss the application and obtain the feelings of the community and Committee members. Both meetings had about 24 in attendance.

The second meeting held on 08 Sept 2015 at the Lost Dutchman Resort reviewed and solicited revisions to draft response content. Additional information on this topic is available in this article.