SUP for the Lodge at Elk Valley

An application for a Special Use Permit (SUP) needs review by the DPC. The review is due to the county by COB 17 Sept 2015, no extension is possible for this review. There is a lot of information in the application, so please find time to familiarize yourselves with its content prior to the public meeting. The application is available in the attachments, below.

The property in question is located at 602 CR-511 as shown in the attached map.

03 Sept 2015, An initial meeting to discuss this application was held at the Teller County Public Works facility break room, there were 24 persons in attendance including 5 Committee members; not a quorum.  This meetings objective was to obtain a feeling from the community on this topic. Of those present most are not in favor of adding a new resort at this location.

08 Sept 2015, A second meeting was held to review and revise the content of our response to the county. There were 24 in attendance. We reviewed the initial response content to the county which is in the attachments, below (08Sept2015Input). Meeting minutes for this meeting are in the Attachments, below.

09 Sept 2015, A draft response letter (DPC Response-09Sept2015) was published to the Attachments, below. 

A few review comments have been received and corrections included.

16 Sept 2015, Signatures obtained on final response letter and posted in Attachments, below.

17 Sept 2015, DPC response letter delivered to county Planning Dept, who acknowledged receipt.  The next action will be a Teller County Planning Commission Public Hearing.

21 Jan 2016 - This SUP application is on the agenda for Teller County Planning Commission public hearing of 09 Feb 2016.  Agenda published on Teller County website today.  The Planning Dept. Staff Report is available on the County Planning Dept. web page.

09 Feb 2016 - Teller County Planning Commission voted to recommend to the BoCC that this application be denied. The next step is for this topic to get on the agenda of the BoCC, who has the final say on SUP applications.

14 Apr 2016 - Teller County BoCC public hearing on the Lodge at Elk Valley.  The County Commissioners voted to deny this application.  The applicant removed wedding events from the application, but the Commissioners still voted to deny.

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