Amend Divide Regional Plan

July 2016 - The Divide Planning Committee (DPC) desires to amend the 2006 Divide Regional Plan (DRP) document to better align with the current Teller County Land Use Regulations (LUR) document. The updates to the Divide Plan were first discussed at the October 27, 2015 DPC meeting.

The principal change is to alter the title of Addendum B so it does not refer to only Conditional Use Permits, but includes any type of Land Use Permits. Proposed changes to the DRP document are provided in the attachments, below.  Proposed changes are in narrative form with justification and full text with Track Changes format.  Attached documents were revised on 28July2016 with editorial clean-up, no content change.  The current official DRP document is available on the county website on the Planning Dept. page along with the other regional plans, or on this website in the Current Documents area.

When the DRP was last updated (2006) Teller County Land Use Regulations included only Conditional Use Permits and that is what the DRP identified (valid in 2006). In 2008 the Teller County Land Use Regulations were changed to include an additional type of land use permits; Special Use. To ensure the DRP is valid for any type of land use permit application DRP Addendum B should have its title changed to include Special Review Use Permit (the Title of LUR Chapter 8 which addresses this topic), not limited to only Conditional Use Permit.  

These proposed changes have been provided unofficially to County Planning who recommends the DPC submit a no-fee application with the changes.  This application will go before the Teller County Planning Commission and the Board of County Commissioners.  But first, the DPC needs to agree to go forward with the change and submit a formal application.

An initial draft request letter to the county is also provided in the attachments, subject to change.

DPC public meeting scheduled for July 27, 2016 at the PPCC to address this topic.  Additional meeting, or meetings, will be necessary.

A second meeting is scheduled for August 10, 2016 at the PPCC. The August 10th meeting did not have a quorum of members, so no decision was possible.

This topic was added to the annual Community Meeting held in September 2016. At that meeting the DPC members agreed to adopt a resolution of the Committee stating where the Divide Plan uses the term "Conditional Use" the intent is to include Conditional Use AND Special Use.  That resolution is included below in the Attached Documents and is added to the 2006 Divide Plan article on this website.

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