2006 Divide Regional Plan

This 2006 update to the 1998 Divide Regional Plan document was submitted by the Divide Planning Committee to the County in August 2006.

This document is also available on the Teller County Planning Department website, which is the official version.  In doubt, refer to that County source - see the Links section of this website for the County website. 

The attached files, below, include the entire document with maps, only the maps, only the text of the Plan without the maps, an OCR processed text file which supports search and a file with the submission letters from the DPC to the County for the 2006 revision and the 1998 revision of the DRP, for context.  The entire Plan document is less than 20 pages and includes the text and maps.  Appendix B - Maps from the TC LUR contains current (updated in 2013, since adoption of the 2006 Divide Regional Plan) maps including the Divide maps is provided here for convenience.  Always defer to the TC-LUR Appendix B - Maps for current regulatory maps available on the Teller County website.

If your web browser has problems displaying any of these files (specifically the maps) it is suggested that you download the files and access them from your own device, assuming you have a PDF file viewer application on your device.

In 2016 the DPC considered updating the Divide Plan to address addition of the Special Use Permit in the Teller County Land Use Regulations but opted to just adopt a resolution, see Resolution in the Attached Documents, below. For an explanation of what & why this update was considered see the DRP Update - 2016 article.

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Download this file (2006_DIVIDE_REGIONAL_PLAN_TEXT-ltrs.pdf)2006_DIVIDE_REGIONAL_PLAN_TEXT-ltrs.pdf2006 and 1998 submission letters to Teller County25 kB2015-08-15 12:36
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